Expert Tips to Ensure Custom Workforce Training is Effective

Tips for effective custom training courses

OSCAsafe’s training experts guide you through the key considerations and deliverables to creating a successful custom training course.

Author: Lisa Fade

May 12, 2023

This is the second blog in OSCAsafe’s series that explores the benefits of customized workforce training. If you have not read the previous blog, please go here and learn how custom training is a flexible and cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of diverse learners and organizations.

Getting the Most Out of Customized Training

Your company has decided that customized workforce training is right for you. As the health and safety professional that handles this project, how can you ensure the training is successful? This blog provides insight from OSCAsafe experts on questions you must address and what you should expect from your training vendor to ensure your efforts result in success.

The 4 Key Questions to Consider

1-What are the Learning Objectives?
In developing a custom training program, defining learning objectives that are specific, measurable, and attainable is crucial for ensuring its relevance and effectiveness.

2-Who is the Target Audience?
Identifying the target audience will help in tailoring the training content to meet their specific needs.

3-What is the Best Delivery Method?
Different delivery methods, including videos, animations, and simulations, are available, and selecting the most suitable one depends on the learning objectives and audience.

4-How Will Progress Be Tracked and Measured?
Monitoring employees’ progress and measuring their performance is critical, necessitating a system that can accurately track and report their development.

By applying these considerations to custom training design, employees can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to contribute to their organization’s growth.

4 Key Features Your Training Vendor Should Deliver

1-Interactive and Engaging Content
Incorporating various multimedia components, including videos, images, and audio, into custom training can enhance learner engagement and facilitate information retention. By introducing game-like elements through gamification techniques learners’ understanding of the subject matter can be reinforced and assessed.

2-Flexible Learning
Customization provides employees with the flexibility to access the content at their own pace, location, and convenience, making it ideal for remote workers.

3-Personalized Learning Experience
Company-branded training can be tailored to align with the learners’ job roles and responsibilities, ensuring the relevance and usefulness of the training.

4-Effective Tracking and Reporting
Finally, custom training can provide data on the progress of learners, allowing trainers and managers to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

OSCAsafe – A Team of Experts to Help You

Customized workforce training is an effective method of providing engaging, personalized, and flexible education to employees. At OSCAsafe, our OSCA Design team of specialized professionals, including instructional designers, 3D animators, specialty services technicians, and curriculum writers, are well-equipped to assist you in developing training programs that are aligned with your organizational objectives and compliance requirements. We also have in-house subject matter experts with real-world experience in most major industries allowing us to bring added insight and value to custom courses.

Need a Custom Couse?

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