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Medical Directorship
& Program Management
Does your company need an external medical director to consult on, lead, or oversee your occupational healthcare programs?
CAREonsite medical directors are available to partner with your company’s leadership and existing healthcare professionals to find solutions that improve health outcomes for your employees and protect your company's bottom line
State-by-state expertise
Board-certified in occupational medicine & licensed in all 50 states
Proven care models
Decades of know-how in developing clinical standards and policies that streamline care
Timely & reliable
Trusted consultants that find solutions to emergent medical issues
Medical Director Services
Medical Program Leadership
Medical Directorship
A CAREonsite medical director sets up and administers all aspects of your company’s occupational health program. Our medical director works closely with your company’s management to implement proven best practices to create optimal outcomes for your company and your employees.
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Oversight of Your Medical Staff
Staff Oversight
A CAREonsite medical director provides leadership to your existing medical staff to improve the quality of care and coordinate administrative decision-making. Our medical directors work closely with your company’s management and healthcare staff to optimize care and improve outcomes with proven best practices.
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On-Call Medical Consulting
Direct to Provider
A CAREonsite medical director is on-call for consultative support anytime you need them. Our medical directors help your executive team and healthcare professionals with important decisions like policy development and patient care. Protect your businesses and employees with the insight and guidance of an expert medical director.
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Ensure Compliance
CAREonsite Compliance
A CAREonsite medical director oversees your company’s medical surveillance program to ensure best practices and compliance with OSHA requirements. Our expert physicians work with your company’s EH&S team to help keep your workforce protected from the adverse health effects of hazardous chemicals and physical exposures.
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