Drug and Alcohol Program Administration
ASAPcheck is the TPA of choice for HR and EH&S professionals nationwide to create safer and more productive workplaces. We are nationally accredited to administer drug & alcohol testing programs by The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA).
Our in-house experts offer you
industry-leading customization
and support with programs managed by C-SAPAs and an experienced operations team. Our fast and reliable services are used by companies and consortiums in highly regulated industries including transportation, petrochemical, manufacturing, construction, and nuclear power.
Our services are backed by the oversight of a
team of in-house MROs

and a powerful online database for recordkeeping and compliance. We ensure easy and accurate specimen collection with electronic Custody and Control Forms (eCCF) through our partner FormFox.

Your Company Policy

Complete Customization

ASAPcheck is a nationally recognized TPA that makes it easy for businesses to set up and run drug testing programs based on your company policy.
Set up programs with ease

We work with your HR and EH&S teams to understand your company policies and set up testing programs accordingly.

Tailor programs to your needs

If your company needs help to develop a policy or customize a program, our in-house experts can walk you through the details.

Ensure compliance

Our comprehensive suite of services includes notifications of required tests, collections & testing, medical reviews, referrals to substance abuse professionals (SAP) for rehabilitation recommendations as needed, and database management to help ensure employee compliance with your policy.

Consortium Program

Consortium Mandates

ASAPcheck acts as the TPA that carries out testing and tracks compliance for consortium drug testing programs.
Set up programs with ease

We work directly with owner/operators in the petrochemical, construction, and manufacturing industries to develop a consortium based on your drug policies and requirements for contractors.

Better decision making

Our database management and reporting tools provide real-time sharing of employee status to owner/operators and member contractors, allowing for easier onboarding of compliant individuals.

Tailor programs with expert help

Our in-house experts advise consortium owner/operators on adapting existing programs to new regulations or evolving workplace conditions.

Ensure compliance

We offer a comprehensive suite of services that includes notifications of required (random) tests, collections & testing, medical reviews, referrals to substance abuse professionals (SAP) for rehabilitation recommendations, and database management to help ensure contractor compliance with your policy.

Regulatory Compliance

Government Mandates

ASAPcheck simplifies the process of creating and managing drug & alcohol programs to meet existing regulatory requirements, including those from the Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).
Ensure compliance

Our in-house experts help create DOT-specific drug programs and ensure that reporting and recordkeeping requirements are fulfilled using real-time records in our proprietary database. This includes required tests, collections & testing, medical reviews, and referrals to substance abuse professionals (SAP) for rehabilitation recommendations.

DOT requirements, handled for you

Our operations team is experienced at managing drug & alcohol programs in compliance with all six DOT administrations, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA), Federal Transit Administration (FTA), United States Coast Guard (USCG), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Drug tests
you can include in your program
Employee screening simplified for you
The experts at ASAPcheck handle the complexities of drug & alcohol and background check programs so you can focus on your business operations
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Management Services
Medical Review Officer
Expert review of your drug program

ASAPcheck’s drug & alcohol programs include the oversight of experienced Medical Review Officers (MROs) who act as gatekeepers for the integrity of drug testing programs.

Our MROs provide HIPAA-compliant medical reviews of test results to protect the privacy of workers and the accuracy of your company’s drug-testing program. Our MROs expertly handle complex situations like an employee that tests positive because of legal prescription medications.
MRO review of drug programs involves:
Not all MROs are created equal. ASAPcheck’s MROs stand above the rest.
Audit and Compliance Management
Simplify drug testing compliance
All ASAPcheck services include powerful data management tools and expert support for audit and compliance requirements to help you effectively manage your workforce.
Data Management

ASAPcheck’s powerful data management platform simplifies compliance and audit management for HR and EH&S professionals. Our system automatically records drug tests and background check results in our secure online database, which is accessible at any time to track compliance or gather data for audits.

Due Diligence Support
Our expert team performs due diligence checks to ensure your programs are current and compliant. We keep abreast of the latest legislation and industry developments that could affect your screening programs.
ASAPcheck Data Management makes it easy to:
We prioritize you
Let’s talk about your needs and build a program that meets your health and safety goals

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of our drug tests are complete in

24–72 hours

Add-On Services
that help you save time
Add-on service for additional charge
DCM (Document & Compliance Module)
DCM software is a data collection and compliance management tool designed to simplify the tracking of company policies, client mandates, consortium standards, and occupational certifications.

This powerful program lets HR and EH&S professionals centralize all their employee records, from any source, in one secure database. After setting up which mandates to follow, the program tracks compliance with the selected mandates on an employee-by-employee basis.

Centralize records & track compliance from one dashboard
How it works
You set up …
Employee records
Upload all records from outside the Tang+Company ecosystem you want to track. (Including training, drug & alcohol testing, background check, licenses, documents, certifications, etc.)
Mandates to track
Set up mandates specific to your company, a client’s policy, consortium standards, or certifications for an occupation you want to track.
DCM tracks …
Expiration dates
Our system tracks records according to the mandates selected and provides automatic notification 60, 30, 15, and 7 days before the expiration of records like licenses and certifications.
Employees ready to work
You set the compliance requirements needed for a particular job, project, or worksite, and the DCM system screens employee rosters against these requirements to quickly show who is compliant and ready to work.
Easily manage compliance.
Viewable by individual or roster
Compliance is easy to manage with intuitive dashboards that show an employee’s compliance with all mandates you are tracking. The information is viewable by individuals, employees, or a complete roster.
Advanced search support
An advanced search function allows you to choose any mandate or record and find employees who are compliant with the selected search criteria.
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