Computer-Based Training (CBT)
OSCA Virtual
Simplify building effective and budget-conscious safety training programs with instant access to OSCAsafe’s extensive library of 8,700+ eLearning courses — available online, anytime you need them
Online access saves time and provides cost-effective training for your company
Courses include important safety and HR topics needed to be compliant with industry and government mandates, including OSHA
Easy to track
OSCAsafe’s proprietary learning management system (LMS) database makes it easy to track employee training and compliance
OSCA Anywhere
Streamed Online 24/7
No proctoring
In Computer Lab
In-person proctoring

Our complete catalog is available in-person at an OSCAsafe computer lab. HR and safety managers simply register workers for a class, and we handle the rest, including verifying the identity of each worker to ensure they receive the proper training.

OSCA Essentials

OSCAsafe Essentials are pre-built courses made for safety and HR professionals who want to increase safety and environmental awareness in an effective and cost-efficient manner.
All training modules are designed by our team of in-house course design experts to cultivate knowledge and habits that reduce accidents and injuries.

OSCA Essentials Course List

Custom-made for you
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Course Scheduling and Registration

Easily register and schedule training for your employees with our online portal. Our system automatically sends registration details and course access to each employee and securely stores course records in our database.


Course Status Tracking

Easily track and manage training expiration dates and re-certification with an automated alert system. Our system notifies training program administrators when re-certification training is needed to stay compliant.


Easy Access to Records and Reports 24/7

Our system is built to securely store and quickly get the data you need. Query reports by individual, group, or course to track compliance with company, industry, or regulatory mandates. Instantly access training records to provide data for audits, investigations, and to prove compliance with mandated requirements.

System Integration

Our skilled IT team helps you better manage data by integrating it with your system / process of choice. We deliver your data how you need it with the ability to link OSCAsafe database records into your existing system. You can also manage records and send customized reports.

Training Locations
OSCAsafe Training Locations
Southern California Training Facilities

Address: 455 E Carson Plaza Dr, Carson, CA 90746
Phone: (562) 624–2720

Address: 20300 S Vermont Ave, Torrance, CA 90502
Phone: (888) 691–TANG (8264)

Northern California Training Facility

Address: 1805 Arnold Drive, Martinez, CA 94553
Phone: (925) 335–5000

Training Affiliates Locations
Integrity Safety, Washington State

Address: 7049 Kickerville Rd., Ferndale, WA 98248
Phone: (360) 778–1841

Address: 12389 Reservation Rd., Ste. B, Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: (360) 299–1208

Address: 13912 NE 20th Ave, Ste. 201, Vancouver, WA 13912
Phone: (360) 574–6071

North Dakota Safety Council

Address: 1710 Canary Ave., Ste. A, Bismark, ND, 58501
Phone: (701) 223–6372

4C Welding and Industrial Center, Inc.

Address: 2689 US Highway 70, Hugo, OK 74743
Phone: (580) 326–9417

Affiliates —
an extension of OSCAsafe training

Our affiliates offer our full library of streamed computer lab courses and in-person training at their locations.

Like courses taken directly with OSCAsafe, the records from affiliate courses are stored in the OSCAsafe database and are easily tracked and managed in our LMS.

Pre-built solutions for you
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cost-effectively improve safety knowledge

CBT trainings

Add-On Services
that help you save time
Add-on service for additional charge
DCM (Document & Compliance Module)
DCM software is a data collection and compliance management tool designed to simplify the tracking of company policies, client mandates, consortium standards, and occupational certifications.
This powerful program lets HR and EH&S professionals centralize all their employee records, from any source, in one secure database. After setting up which mandates to follow, the program tracks compliance with the selected mandates on an employee-by-employee basis.
Centralize records & track compliance from one dashboard
How it works
You set up …
Employee records
Upload all records from outside the Tang+Company ecosystem you want to track. (Including training, drug & alcohol testing, background check, licenses, documents, certifications, etc.)
Mandates to track
Set up mandates specific to your company, a client’s policy, consortium standards, or certifications for an occupation you want to track.
DCM tracks …
Expiration dates
Our system tracks records according to the mandates selected and provides automatic notification 60, 30, 15, and 7 days before the expiration of records like licenses and certifications.
Employees ready to work
You set the compliance requirements needed for a particular job, project, or worksite, and the DCM system screens employee rosters against these requirements to quickly show who is compliant and ready to work.
Easily manage compliance.
Viewable by individual or roster
Compliance is easy to manage with intuitive dashboards that show an employee’s compliance with all mandates you are tracking. The information is viewable by individuals, employees, or a complete roster.
Advanced search support
An advanced search function allows you to choose any mandate or record and find employees who are compliant with the selected search criteria.
Add-on service for additional charge
Online Badge Application
Streamline & automate entry badge application
Tang+Company offers a service for owner/operators looking to improve their entry badge application workflow with an easy-to-use online badge application that eliminates burdensome paper trails and the manual screening of badge applications.
Set up and approve —we do the rest
All an owner/operator needs to do is set up the entry badge requirements on our online portal and our system automatically screens applicants and provides an owner/operator with a list of workers that meet these requirements for final approval.
How it works
Learn entry requirements
Tang+Company works with your health and safety team to capture your organization’s requirements needed to enter your company’s worksite(s)
Create electronic badge application
We set up an online badge application form that includes all your company’s requirements and link it to our database for processing applications
Contractors apply
Contractors apply for badges through the online badge application form on the Tang+Company web portal
Software screens in real-time
Our proprietary software performs real-time screening during the application to ensure that contractors can only submit badge applications for contractor employees that meet all entry requirements
Notification & approval
Our system automatically notifies the owner/operator of successful submissions for final approval or disapproval
Issue badges
After approval, the owner/operator starts its internal process to issue entry badges
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