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The Difference

The speed of business and changing demands place a heavy burden on human resource and safety professionals who need to disseminate company culture, benefits and safety requirements to their workforce. The solution is easy: Let OSCA help you replace in-person training and orientation with customized computer-based training (CBT) modules. By working with a reliable training partner, you can optimize your time and improve compliance at the same time. Best of all, this training can be delivered securely anywhere in the world, in whatever language you want.



Available anytime, any location



Company or site-specific



500,000 workers trained

2 million CBT units delivered

OSCA Advantage

Built around your training needs

We established OSCA in 2002 when our onsite health customers asked us for safety training. Today, we provide a wide selection of safety courses and company-specific training solutions for leaders in the petrochemical, chemical, utility and manufacturing industries. OSCA’s extensive CBT program allows you to deliver consistent and comprehensive training in multiple languages, streamed to each of your locations. Our interactive courses are designed to maintain interest and maximize retention of important safety information.

Engages learners through multiple senses

As the workforce changes, so do the ways they learn. That’s why we build engaging computer-based training that combines video, 3D animation, vivid motion graphics and professional talent to keep your workforce paying attention. With OSCA’s customized computer-based training, your workforce will learn more effectively and retain information better.

Created by experts in training development and delivery

Our in-house certified training professionals have the ability to design custom curriculum and facilitate classes. Our team of course developers, designers and instructors are knowledgeable in all safety aspects and have extensive real-world experience in the petrochemical, chemical, utility and manufacturing industries.

Deliver consistent information through CBT orientation

The safety training needs of new hires always varies depending on the background of the people hired. But there is one training program all new hires need: company-specific orientation. Rather than drain your time and resources, OSCA can help you develop convenient and consistent CBT orientation programs that bring every new employee up to speed on your organization’s safety rules, evacuation procedures, HR policies and other issues specific to your company.

Service Types

Sample CBT Training Topics

  • Chevron Safe Work Practices
  • P66 Site-Specific Training
  • Aegion Employee Orientation
  • PSC Basic Driver Course
  • Andeavor North Dakota Alky Training
Online Training

Essential safety courses available anytime, anywhere

The Difference

Creating a successful training program for your company is a complex task: (1) Meeting the safety training needs of employees (2) Addressing the evolving regulatory requirements of the workplace and (3) Adapting to new delivery modes and instructional formats. Let OSCA help you provide engaging and cost-effective training solutions for your company through web-based training.



Stream anywhere, in multiple languages



Online library, hundreds of courses



Online registration and audit controls track use

OSCA Advantage

Save time and money through online courses

Our online training library includes more than 250 courses for petrochemical, chemical, utility and manufacturing industries, many of which are offered in multiple languages. By outsourcing standard safety training to a reliable partner, you can optimize your HR and safety managers’ time without skipping important topics. OSCA provides a wide selection of environmental awareness programs and safety courses that can be further enhance safety in the workplace.

Train workers anytime, anywhere in multiple languages

When ensuring the safety of your employees is a critical aspect of your job, OSCA’s extensive online library of courses allows you to deliver consistent and comprehensive safety training in multiple languages, streamed anywhere in the world.

Increase safety and compliance; decrease accidents and injuries

With courses that cover transportation safety, OSHA essentials and HR issues like alcohol awareness and stress management – and many other topics – your OSCA training program will enhance workplace safety and help your employees perform at their highest level.

Automatic tracking for compliance records

Whenever an employee or contractor registers and completes an online course, that information is automatically logged into our convenient data management system. The program also tracks compliance deadlines and sends training alerts when additional coursework is required for individual workers. With OSCA, simplifying your training administration, record keeping and data management process has never been easier.

Service Types

Sample Online Courses

  • Benzene Safety
  • Blood-borne Pathogens
  • Confined Space Hazards
  • Fall Protection
  • Hazard Protection
  • Heat Stress
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Training
  • Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Sample Online Courses

  • Ladders and Scaffolds
  • Lockout & Tagout
  • Respiratory Protection
  • HazMat Transportation Suite
  • Hydraulic Safety Awareness
  • Distracted Driver (English & Spanish)

Sample Online Courses

  • DOT Driver Compliance
  • Extreme Driving Conditions
  • Walking Working Surfaces
  • OSHA 10-Hour Course for Construction CBT (English)
  • OSHA 30-Hour Course for Construction CBT
  • Hearing Conservation
  • Heat Illness Prevention
  • Hand and Power Tool Safety

Sample Online Courses

  • Excavation and Trenching Safety
  • Basic Rigging for Construction (English & Spanish)
  • Applying Electrical Standards
Instructor-led Training

Company-specific safety training led by experienced experts

The Difference

For employers in California, OSCA also provides instructor-led courses at our training facilities across California.



Knowledgeable safety trainers



500,000 training units taught



High-hazard facility training

OSCA Advantage

In-person training with impact

OSCA provides training for the petrochemical, construction, and transportation industries, as well as general industry and human resources. OSCA can help you develop engaging and cost-effective training solutions for your company. We provide an extensive selection of company-specific training programs offered in multiple delivery modes including instructor-led courses.

Experienced training facilitators

For more than 15 years, OSCA has worked with Fortune 50 employers up-and-down the West Coast of the United States to develop efficient and cost-effective company orientation and safety training programs. OSCA’s facilitators are highly-experienced, industry leading subject matter experts who have delivered courses to over 500,000 students.

Expertise in petrochemical safety issues

OSCA is the preferred safety training service provider for petrochemical refineries in California, Washington and North Dakota.

Simplified training records

Through our sophisticated data management program, we can track the results of your employees’ participation in our instructor-led program and combine these results with your internal training records to create the most complete record of employee training history.

Service Types

Sample Instructor-led Courses

  • 20-hour High Hazard Facility Training
  • Hazard Identification Training
  • HazWoper
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Safety Attendant
  • Permit Recipient
  • Refinery Safety Overview
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Supplied Air
Data Management

Manage all your training and compliance records in one place

The Difference

OSCA’s versatile and secure online data management system helps you remain in compliance with all the different company, industry and government mandates in the petrochemical, chemical, utility and manufacturing industries.



Tracks compliance in multiple locations



Reduces in-house IT costs



Live customer support

OSCA Advantage

Simplify training administration and recordkeeping

With OSCA, simplifying your training administration, recordkeeping and data management process has never been easier. Our sophisticated and secure Documents and Training Administration (DATA) Management software automates training alerts and tracks compliance throughout the employee or contractor life cycle while providing a robust and complete training profile. OSCA’s versatile and secure online data management system helps you remain in compliance with the many different company, industry and government mandates.

Real-time compliance records at your finger tips

If you are like many managers, you are responsible for overseeing your company’s drug and alcohol program, staying on top of employee training requirements, remembering key re-certification and expiration dates for all your employees – and then breaking down program costs by location. OSCA developed its proprietary web-based data management program – to help managers, Designated Employer Representatives (DER) and administrators oversee their responsibilities more efficiently and securely.

Combine training, testing and screening information in one place

Our secure, online database provides advanced record keeping and efficient record retrieval, along with cost-effective audit controls – so you can build custom training reports and access real-time data 24/7. Only OSCA lets you merge your internal training records with your OSCA training records, providing you with just one source for all your training information. By incorporating all of your employee training information into one powerful database, we help safely and securely simplify the management and organization of essential records.

Simplified tracking and helpful reminders

Need to know when an employee needs re-certification? OSCA’s data management system has the information and will send you reminders when needed. You’ll be able to track employee and contractor training history across multiple locations. Our system also breaks down costs by location, for simplified billing and auditing. Best of all, you enjoy 24/7 live customer support if you have questions.

Service Types

OSCA Meets Refinery Site-Specific Data Requirements

  • Merge internal records into one secure online database
  • Auto populates forms with employee info for easy printing and registration
  • Add, delete or change work location in one-easy-step
  • Full array of audit and verification reports
  • Sort by work location, PO#’s, unique identifiers and more for easy accounting
  • Quick view of employee status, skills, training, social security verification
  • Email alerts for upcoming training or client-determined expiration dates
  • Easy online registration for training classes + QUICK PASS
  • Passcode restrictions for users to view only specific areas of your company site

OSCA's Approach

A set of Principles and a Process honed over 20 years of tailored safety solutions

I. Our Principles

Our principles guide the way we design, deliver and teach our safety-training material

Customer Service

We work for you 7/24/365. We are there for you.

Tailored Solutions

Our solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Every worksite is different.


Outcome Driven

Our solutions will ensure that your employees are in compliance and knowledgeable.


Your site brought to the classroom. Real world. Real examples.


Dynamic and engaging content captures attention and increases retention.

Customer Service

Tailored Solutions

Outcome Driven



II. Our Process

If you do engage with us, here are the next steps:
  • null

    Step 1. Engage

    We learn about the problems you are facing and explore how we can form a mutual partnership to provide a solution. We will review the applicable workflows and logistics in order to ensure the processes and systems of both parties will allow a successful implementation of the program.

  • null

    Step 2. Plan & Prepare

    Our staff confirms and documents the requirements for your program to be a success based upon the previously established goals. We carefully define the program’s metrics, roles, communication channels and systems integration needs.

  • null

    Step 3. Test

    We pilot workflow customizations and client-specific data processing to identify gaps and to ensure that communication channels are working smoothly between both people and systems.

  • null

    Step 4. Launch

    Careful preparation on both sides promotes a smooth transition to our services – the program goes live. We closely monitor these early stages to ensure the success of the program.

  • null

    Step 5. Monitor & Improve

    At agreed-upon intervals, we review the performance metrics of your program and fine-tune processes for continuous improvement.

Industries We Serve

No matter the industry, we can help your employees learn how to work more safely.
Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil

Why Us?

Our History and Purpose Define Who We Are And How We Serve


Our story started in 1977, as a single medical clinic in Long Beach, CA. that was to become CareOnSite Medical Services.

Since then, we have grown into more than just a medical provider. In 1998, ASAP Drug Solutions was begun as a response to our clients’ drug-testing needs; then came OSCA in 2003, representing our foray into the safety training arena. We have also expanded our presence in the US, with offices in Carson, Martinez and Houston.

In 2016, our parent company Tang & Company was established, bringing the three separate businesses in our family – CareOnSite, ASAP and OSCA – under the same umbrella. The move has allowed us to create synergies among the businesses as we integrate our products, services, marketing strategies and corporate infrastructure, providing for our clients a truly one-stop shop solution for worker health, safety and security.


Everyday, we strive to improve the business performance of our clients by helping them achieve their workplace health and safety goals. By doing this, we know our clients will have more resources to hire and innovate to keep communities across America growing, vibrant and more productive.


We partner with our clients to promote a safe and well-trained workforce. Our highly skilled team is committed to delivering excellence in innovative safety-training solutions customized to each client’s unique requirements.

Current Partners

Our clients are our partners

Succeeding and growing together is the goal.

Grateful for your kind words

Our clients say it best.

By the Numbers

We hope to continue to teach for a long time.
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