Injury Prevention Services

Elevate Injury Prevention with Musculoskeletal Intervention Specialists (MIS)

Effective injury prevention starts with an engaging, employee-centric approach led by an MIS who collaborates with existing EHS staff and empowers employees to be part of the solution.

  • Prevent injuries & reduce absenteeism
  • Support employee well-being
  • Enhance risk identification and tracking
A comprehensive 360-degree look at injury prevention (observe, assess, act) that addresses risk factors before they cause harm to your business and employees.
Solve Your Injury Prevention Challenges
Early Intervention Solutions

Ergonomic assessments/recommendations
Conduct ergonomic assessments & recommend adjustments to reduce the risk of injuries.

Physical Demands Analyses & testing
Develop and administer job-specific physical demands testing based on comprehensive physical demands analyses to ensure your workforce can perform their job duties safely.

Stretching and strengthening programs
Evaluation of injury trends and job tasks allows for a targeted stretching and strengthening program.

Customized job conditioning
Enhance employees’ fitness levels and improve their resilience to the physical and ergonomic stresses of their job duties.

Wellness Support
A resource for existing employer wellness initiatives to help employees adopt a healthier lifestyle both at work & at home.

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