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Drug and Alcohol Testing

Protect your business and your workforce with our comprehensive drug and alcohol testing program

The Difference

For more than 20 years, ASAP Drug Solutions has managed innovative, tailor-made drug and alcohol (D/A) programs for employers and consortiums in highly regulated industries, such as transportation, petrochemical, heavy industrial and construction.


Fast Turnaround & Reliable

Real-time, online results in
24-48 hours


Integrated Expertise

In-house support: MROs (Physician/founders),
C-SAPAs, and specialists in toxicology



24/7/365 live customer
support and online


Trusted & Stable

Family-owned for 40 years and
focused on the long-term


User-Friendly & Convenient

A strong network of collection sites combined with tailored workflows

ASAP Advantage

Customized drug and alcohol (D/A) testing

ASAP Drug Solutions is nationally accredited for the administration of drug and alcohol testing programs by The Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA). Our expertise is in designing, implementing and managing innovative and customized drug and alcohol (D/A) programs for employers and consortiums. We serve the petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, energy, mining, construction and the highly regulated transportation industries.

Seamless management of scheduling, testing and reporting

ASAP’s tightly integrated approach to program management results in close synchronization between the many different functions in drug testing. Our certified substance abuse program administrators (C-SAPA) and operations team oversee every aspect of operations, including random selections and notifications, scheduling, nationwide and international collection site credentialing and management, certified laboratory testing, chain of custody form record keeping, medical review officer (MRO) verifications, online reporting of results, alert notifications and compliance with state and federal regulations.

Secure, web-based database with convenient 24/7 access

We maintain the most comprehensive and easily accessible online record-keeping programs in the industry. Real-time results are accessible through our secure, encrypted data management system, including custody and control forms, MRO reports and on-demand compliance report summaries. Controlled access by user-type allows the program manager to delegate tasks while maintaining security of selected information.

Solution-based and customer-focused support

In addition to managing your D/A program, we can help you create your company-specific and DOT drug and alcohol testing programs. Our team of professionals are available 24/7/365 to respond to your needs. A network of substance abuse professionals (SAPs) is available to provide recommendations for education, rehabilitation, return-to-duty and follow-up and aftercare.

Drug and Alcohol training

Through our sister company, OSCA, we also offer drug and alcohol training for employees and supervisors in compliance with DOT regulations and your company-specific requirements. Clients who wish to develop their own computer-based training (CBT) can contact OSCA’s CBT development team.

Service Types

Test Types

  • Pre-Employment
  • Random
  • Post-Accident
  • Reasonable Suspicion
  • Return-to-Duty
  • Follow-Up

Drug-Testing Methodologies

  • Urine: Laboratory & Quick-cup
  • Oral Fluid
  • Hair

Alcohol Testing

  • Saliva screening
  • Evidential breath testing (EBT)

Drug Panels

  • DOT
  • Customized
  • Expanded
  • Synthetic Drugs
DOT Compliance

Keeping in compliance with DOT regulations made easy

The Difference



Solutions from one source to keep you DOT compliant


Accessible and Audit Ready

24/7 access to employee records; reports and audit summaries in one database



24/7/365 live customer
support and online

ASAP Advantage

Simplifying DOT compliance

U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) compliance programs are some of the most exacting in the industry. ASAP ensures your compliance with DOT and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations through drug and alcohol testing programs, driver record searches, previous DOT employer and state agency inquiries, annual motor vehicle record reviews and driver certifications/qualifications.

Comprehensive DOT-mandated search

Comprehensive license searches are performed through the Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) to obtain the driver history record. We also perform DOT-mandated annual CDL MVR searches. Comprehensive license searches are done through the Commercial Drivers’ License Information System (CDLIS) to verify the current state and license number of your driver.

Consistent reporting and audit support

We file all DOT reporting for you, making sure your records are always up to date. During audits, we are able to show all your client records instantaneously, including testing records, contractor audits, custody and control forms, even training records and driver certifications.

Corrective action plans and rehabilitation referrals

We understand how important good employees are and help to resolve issues that affect your workforce. Our in-house MROs are experienced occupational health professionals with an in-depth understanding of workplace issues. Our DOT-qualified substance abuse professionals (SAPs) are also trained in return-to-work issues.

Enhancing safety through DOT training

We also provide DOT-mandated 2-hour supervisors’ training and employee awareness materials on workplace safety issues.

Service Types

DOT-FMCSA Previous Employer Checks

  • Dates of employment
  • Verified non-negative drug test results
  • Alcohol tests with a result of 0.04% or higher
  • Refusals to test
  • Other violations of drug and alcohol testing regulations
  • Documentation of completion of return-to-duty process
  • If Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) was driven and type
  • Reason employee left company
  • Accident information (date, location, # of injuries/fatalities)
Background Checks

Hiring great employees starts with knowing who they really are

The Difference



Get information on background checks as they happen



24/7 access to employee records in one database



Ethical, family-owned for 40 years

ASAP Advantage

Mitigate workplace risk

These days, it’s not enough to only screen for previous employment. What applicants and vendors don’t tell you can hurt your business and its reputation. Let us help you hire with confidence and mitigate your employment risks by establishing a customized and cost-effective employment background screening program for your company.

Accurate, fast review of potential candidates

Make better hiring decisions improve the quality of your workforce with the right candidate. ASAP can help you determine whether applicants have been honest in their applications or misrepresented themselves through the use of invalid social security numbers; not shared any past history recorded in their criminal record; or have exaggerated their educational or professional histories.

Post-incident or random investigations

After an accident or workplace incident, we can perform additional D/A testing and background checks as needed.

Comprehensive and integrated information management

Our proprietary data management system allows a one-source solution and 24/7 real-time and convenient access to drug and alcohol test results, background checks, and training records for employees.

Combine with other Tang & Company services

As experts in workplace health and safety, we also offer other services like fitness-for-duty, respiratory clearances and hearing conservation programs that can be managed  together with these screening services. All reminders and deadlines will be communicated to you through our proprietary customer service system.

Service Types

Background Checks

  • Social security verification (SSV)
  • Employment and education histories
  • Criminal records
  • Driving record
  • Sex offender search
  • National security check
Audit and Compliance Management

Let us help you keep up-to-date with the latest regulatory changes and best practices

The Difference



The best recordkeeping in the industry



We stay on top of regulations and laws for you


Audit Ready

Real-time records and reports available 24/7

ASAP Advantage

Compliance management

If you are like many managers, you are responsible for overseeing your company’s drug and alcohol program, staying on top of employee training requirements, remembering key re-certification and expiration dates for all your employees – and then breaking down program compliance and costs by location. Managing multiple programs often requires more time than you can afford. That’s why ASAP developed its proprietary web-based data management program – to help managers and administrators oversee their responsibilities more efficiently and securely.

Employee and contractor compliance - Stay compliant with applicable regulations and policies

ASAP maintains online records for U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) programs, company and consortium policies, complying with all state and federal regulations that govern your industry. We ensure that your vendors and contractor employees are compliant and that you have convenient access to their compliance status.

Powerful, detailed recordkeeping

As a nationally recognized third-party administrator (TPA), ASAP maintains complete employee records of drug and alcohol testings and background checks in our advanced data management system. These audit-ready, real-time records are available anytime through our secure, web-based client portal.

Program monitoring and enforcement

Our Documents and Training Administration (DATA) Management software automates training alerts and tracks compliance throughout the employee life-cycle. This cutting-edge program simplifies your life with industry-leading efficiencies to organize, administer, track and verify your employee database like never before.

Program oversight

As part of our service to our clients, we keep abreast of current and pending state and federal legislative requirements that could affect your programs and provide guidance if program elements need to be revised.

Litigation support

We provide support, in the form of expert witness testimony, in the event that a test result is legally challenged.

Service Types


  • DOT audits
  • Drug and Alcohol program audits
  • Regulatory training compliance
  • Client-mandated training
  • Company-mandated training

Our Approach

A set of Principles and a Process honed over 40 years. This is how we do things.

I. Our Principles

Our principles guide the way we take care of every client we have.

Industry Experience

We have decades of experience across several industries. We know your business.

Security of Data

Safeguarding your data is always a top priority


End-to-end quality control for reliable results

Tailored Solutions

We customize our processes to meet your requirements


People matter. We treat your employees with respect and discretion.

Industry Experience

Security of Data


Tailored Solutions


II. Our Process

After initiating contact, here is what to expect next:
  • null

    Step 1. Engage

    We learn about the problems you are facing and explore how we can form a mutual partnership to provide a solution. We will review the applicable workflows and logistics in order to ensure the processes and systems of both parties will allow a successful implementation of the program.

  • null

    Step 2. Plan & Prepare

    Our staff confirms and documents the requirements for your program to be a success based upon the previously established goals. We carefully define the program’s metrics, roles, communication channels and systems integration needs.

  • null

    Step 3. Test

    We pilot workflow customizations and client-specific data processing to identify gaps and to ensure that communication channels are working smoothly between both people and systems.

  • null

    Step 4. Launch

    Careful preparation on both sides promotes a smooth transition to our services – the program goes live. We closely monitor these early stages to ensure the success of the program.

  • null

    Step 5. Monitor & Improve

    At agreed-upon intervals, we review the performance metrics of your program and fine-tune processes for continuous improvement.

Industries We Serve

No matter what industry your company is in, we will try our best to provide a solution.
Oil & Gas
Offshore Oil

Why Us?

Our History, Purpose and Mission define who we are and how we serve.


Our story started in 1977, as a single medical clinic in Long Beach, CA. that was to become CareOnSite Medical Services.

Since then, we have grown into more than just a medical provider. In 1998, ASAP Drug Solutions was begun as a response to our clients’ drug-testing needs; then came OSCA in 2003, representing our foray into the safety training arena. We have also expanded our presence in the US, with offices in Carson, Martinez and Houston.

In 2016, our parent company Tang & Company was established, bringing the three separate businesses in our family – CareOnSite, ASAP and OSCA – under the same umbrella. The move has allowed us to create synergies among the businesses as we integrate our products, services, marketing strategies and corporate infrastructure, providing for our clients a truly one-stop shop solution for worker health, safety and security.


Everyday, we strive to improve the business performance of our clients by helping them achieve their workplace health and safety goals. By doing this, we know our clients will have more resources to hire and innovate to keep communities across America growing, vibrant and more productive.


We partner with our clients to promote a safe, compliant and drug and alcohol-free work environment. Our highly skilled team is committed to delivering excellence in drug and alcohol program administration customized to each client’s unique requirements.

Current Partners

Our clients are our partners. Succeeding and growing together is the goal.

Grateful for your kind words

Our customers say it best.

By the Numbers

20 years and still going strong
# of drug tests the past 3 years
# of background checks the past 3 years

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